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galius swing project
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The band

Galius Swing Project was formed by chance meetings of musicians from sometimes very different musical backgrounds - from classical to rock - whose common language was Jazz. Although the group originally bonded over Jazz standards, they then took a creative path through Jean-Louis Gaillard’s compositions, with each musician bringing their own colour to create the end result.

Jean-Louis Gaillard : Keyboards/Compositions
Xavier Laguesse : Saxophone
Pascal Degrune : Trumpet
Joël Hahaut : Bass
Adrien Plisson : Drums

URUK is the first self-produced 4-track EP from Galius Swing Project. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Laurent Eyen at Koko Studio in Sprimont in June 2019. All arrangements by Jean Reykeweart.

It is available on CD in Digipack format accompanied by a 12-page booklet. Orders are placed through your favorite music store via the COD&S distributor. You can also stream or download this album from most online music providers.

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